Types of Polymers: what’s the difference?

High-temperature polymers or their synthetic version is used in many industrial materials. From coatings to fibers there is a vast range of polymers which are used for making a wide range of materials which are used in day to day life as well. The major classification which is done in this regard is the polymers which are soluble in some liquids. Such liquids are also softened by heat. There is another class of polymers which are not soluble by heat, made by the chain reaction and therefore it is not softened by heat at all. There is another class of polymers which are known as man-made and these are also used in many industrial applications. Whatever the range of polymers is the fact of the matter is there are repeated molecules which are used in making of the material. Let us start with the major types of polymers:

Polyolefins polymers

It is regarded as the most important type of polymer which is available in the market. The best example of this polymer is plastic which is used in many industrial applications. Apart from all this, the polymer is also used in everyday life. Highly flammable materials are used to make these. It includes petroleum, butane, and even propane.

The best part of this type is that it is used in many applications as it is easy to install and even cut. Once the soluble chemicals are mixed to form these they demonstrate completely different properties which make them highly usable in every walk of life.  Plastic is a very important component which is used widely in every walk of life. Without this component, life seems to be impossible now.


Ethane is the gas which is used in the making of these polymers. It forms a base of plastics which has a single class. The cracking of the gas leads to this kind of polymer and it is also regarded as one of the most used molecules. When developed initially the usage of this polymer was very limited as the developers were not aware of the waxy substance which was produced.

However, the first usage of this awesome polymer was made in an awesome manner. It was during the WWII when radar cables were insulated using this polymer. Till then it was not commercially available. In 1968 it was commercially introduced in the market by Philips Petroleum.


There are three main classes of this polymer. Rigid, Semi rigid and flexible. The rigid ones are also known as high-temperature polyurethane which is used the making of automotive applications and electrical devices. These are very much heat resistant and therefore are regarded as that of the highest grade.  There are 7 subcategories of rigid polyurethane which are used in the process. The second class is that of semi rigid which has 8 sub categories and are applied in various fields. The main uses are that of electrical equipment coating such as electrical cards. Low and medium voltage equipment is also made using this polymer.